Letter Two: HEAL Source Your Self – keeping it simple

Information enters from multiple bands of frequency. Identify the source of your thoughts and feelings. It matters little whether the message is demonic, reptilian, grey, insectoid, humanoid, or artificially generated. If the source is not YOU, then it does not belong and can be considered interference. In every instance you have the choice to agree and engage or withdraw consent. Be aware; this is essential.

Withdraw all consent from control exerted over your sovereign being. All consent that was ever given by you on any dimension of time or space, known or hidden from you. This is your own declaration of freedom. Write this up in your own words and work on internalizing it as Your Truth – words are a way of Becoming.

Live a healthy and clean existence. Your body is the playground for innumerable numbers of invisible critters, parasites and others. Keep the space in and around you clean in every meaning of the word clean and in every instance.

Appreciate Nature’s abundance and beauty. Without Her, you would not be alive, so show your respect in thought, word and deed. She is the embodiment of unconditional Love in this dimension.

Don’t do unto others… Never has this been more important. You are the projector of your own reality. As the reality is shifting from the static to the fluid, everything  that you think, feel and do is amplified and brought back to you. Be Self aware.

Bathing in salt is an excellent practice. Deep Earth-mined Rock salt would be best, as it is least polluted, but any natural salt will do. It helps in the removal of toxins and balances the energy fields around your body. Salt is a natural protector. Salt lamps close to electronics ionize the air.

Learn about tissue salts and take the ones that resonate with you the most. Read The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation by George Washington Carey and Inez Eudora Perry if you are unfamiliar with them. All cure has a homeopathic resonance; research frequency as the fundaments of health.

GMO and heavily processed food-like substances (artificial) are imposed upon you by the same powers that subscribed themselves to the transhumanist agenda of totalitarian control – what they proffer is not nourishment (life promoting). Avoid them.

If you ingest meat, keep it to a minimum and only eat what comes from naturally (grass fed) raised animals. Grain-fed beef is not food; it is yet another food-like substance and should not be put into your body. Animals raised in a meat factory carry an extremely heavy energetic imprint. Heavy here equals negative. Ingesting a tortured sentient creation equals torture to yourself embodied.

Avoid ocean fish, as it is highly contaminated with mercury, a metal that has absolutely no place in your body. Mass-farmed fish should not be considered food.

Sweet potatoes bind some nano particles, enabling them to be moved out of the body naturally. Other beneficial root vegetables are jicama and maca. Empower yourself by researching beneficial foods and medicines.

Even if you live in the city, find a spot of earth to plant your bare feet on for at least two minutes each day. Hug a tree, flow gratitude for it. Such acts ground you and re-establish your bio-connection to Mother Earth. She appreciates it on many dimensions.

Deeply appreciate Gaia. Let her know every day in a personal manner that you’re grateful to Her. Bring back the sacred to your Life.

Let your inner artist out. If you’ve never done anything artistic, start by doodling, filling the entire piece of paper, no matter whether it’s a wrapper or a letter size. Let your self express with abandon.

Clear your thoughts. Practice at least thrice daily to still your mind. Doesn’t matter where you are, just do it.

Observe all your thoughts. Are they in any way useful (complaining, nagging, bitter, projecting, blaming, circular, trapped)? Stop them and rewrite them with a what you want to experience or find the silence, the space between the words; like a heart beat, hear the moment between beats. Keep up this practice until it becomes a natural part of you.


you are clear in every respect no negative entities, artificial or natural, can be near you unless are looking to heal. If they do come close, be honored that your Light can guide them in their healing.

Become the Light of you Own Being.

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