Letter One point one: REVEAL

Watch carefully as the web of deceit is woven ever tighter, more desperate. Their last minutes here, as they are finding themselves in the throes of irrelevancy, and are dedicated to taking as many beings as possible with them into what they imagine only as the abyss, even when it isn’t so.

By their fruits you shall know them has never applied more than now, and it applies to you.

Watch carefully your own thoughts and actions. Do you pay close attention to always speaking your truth? Do you twist the truth to save your butt or, perhaps, because it is more convenient or simply because you can? Do you own up to the effect of your causes? Or do you rather blame an outside force?

Watch carefully the words and actions of others, especially in the media. The mainstream media is well versed in reading and telling the fiction from the script in front of them, most not-so-blissfully clueless of what they are doing; even the barely awake are somewhat aware of that fact. But what about the alternative media?

Do you see what is now in plain view?

Do you see how one whistleblower constantly interrupts when having a conversation in a public setting, how one researcher one minute says he is this and the next says he is that, how the prominent founder of a popular website continuously deflects scrutiny by underhandedly finding fault in others, how today’s favorite media prince literally makes every interview about him/herself rather than point out his/her findings?

You get the idea.

This is the parasite at work. Find it. REVEAL it, even if only to yourself. It’s the first step on your road to recovery. It has been working on you to become more susceptible to it, life after life after life. And now is the time to rid yourself of it, to let Earth transform it, transmute it, heal it.

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