Letter One: REVEAL

Letter One – REVEAL

Here we enter deep into the territory of how the unseen manipulations of a controlling elite or predatory entity was first detected and brought to human attention by a few of the most courageous and open-minded investigators, seekers, mystics  and scientists. They resonate at a vibratory range outside the box.

The Voice of the Ages is heard, and it is the Becoming of a Great Orchestration; you are part of this symphony.

There are other Presences among us, and they are here to help. Some have taken human form and entered into this dimension and body knowing that they were called.

Two qualities that are required for True sight are courage and a clear mind. This is the work of the individual to foster these qualities, a work that is ongoing and constantly being tested, a crucible or alchemy if one stays still and centered.

We Know that most of the human potential is locked into a controlled matrix and sub-realities, and we have stepped out to offer keys.

The cosmic clock of photonic particles of unfolding time is presently unlocking the grid of linear time within our quadrant of the galaxy. All humans, indeed all life forms are affected, not just a chosen few.

We are individuated expressions of one Spirit, and each of us as a sentient identity has a true Essence that can be known, loved, accepted and accessed. During this time the axiom “Know Thyself” is of utmost importance – the door to truth is open.

The Entity that has taken hold of Earth and Her inhabitants shall be revealed and healed. Cosmic Law has been evoked.

The Entity has a distinctive energy signature, and by that shall we know it. It has few actions, and yet because it has invaded our species, “its” works are complex. By “its” fruits shall you know “it”.

We have journeyed into the terrain of this dark entity and its multiple manipulations; we know “it”. There is a purpose in this, and once we discover that, we are more complete in our Knowing.

The First Step is dissolving and the transmutation of “its” presence in your self to step into your Self. This is the enemy within, and one must disassociate from it, disengage its hooks and triggers. “It” is not you. You are an immortal being created in Love and Purpose; you only believe differently. This mind Parasite is activated in an environment of fear… it loses its hold where there is no fear. Walk through fear.

Guides for liberation – be practical, stay simple:

  • Practice the unexpected: Becoming is spontaneity and synchronicity in action. Fluid Universe – we are fluid beings.
  • Thoughts may be foreign, not your own. Immediately stop the track. Remove the thought or delay it to reflect on its origin. A step to reclaiming your Divine sovereignty.
  • Turn off all Smart apparatus and Wi-Fi devices. DO NOT USE Bluetooth.
  • Do not watch television, especially on plasma screens.
  • Spend 51% of your time in nature, the true intelligence and ultimate teacher.
  • Gaze into the distance, reset your own biological clock.
  • Study, study and study – do your own research. Your soul essence knows what it needs, and no one else can find it.
  • Overloaded, confused, experiencing doubt? – Stop and sit. Be prepared to experience discomfort – it is a great teacher.
  • Do not delay. There is no tomorrow.
  • Laugh a lot.

… to be continued – The Transhumanist Agenda decoded.


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