Letter Two: HEAL Source Your Self – keeping it simple

Information enters from multiple bands of frequency. Identify the source of your thoughts and feelings. It matters little whether the message is demonic, reptilian, grey, insectoid, humanoid, or artificially generated. If the source is not YOU, then it does not belong and can be considered interference. In every instance you have the choice to agree and engage or withdraw consent. Be aware; this is essential.

Withdraw all consent from control exerted over your sovereign being. All consent that was ever given by you on any dimension of time or space, known or hidden from you. This is your own declaration of freedom. Write this up in your own words and work on internalizing it as Your Truth – words are a way of Becoming.

Live a healthy and clean existence. Your body is the playground for innumerable numbers of invisible critters, parasites and others. Keep the space in and around you clean in every meaning of the word clean and in every instance.

Appreciate Nature’s abundance and beauty. Without Her, you would not be alive, so show your respect in thought, word and deed. She is the embodiment of unconditional Love in this dimension.

Don’t do unto others… Never has this been more important. You are the projector of your own reality. As the reality is shifting from the static to the fluid, everything  that you think, feel and do is amplified and brought back to you. Be Self aware.

Bathing in salt is an excellent practice. Deep Earth-mined Rock salt would be best, as it is least polluted, but any natural salt will do. It helps in the removal of toxins and balances the energy fields around your body. Salt is a natural protector. Salt lamps close to electronics ionize the air.

Learn about tissue salts and take the ones that resonate with you the most. Read The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation by George Washington Carey and Inez Eudora Perry if you are unfamiliar with them. All cure has a homeopathic resonance; research frequency as the fundaments of health.

GMO and heavily processed food-like substances (artificial) are imposed upon you by the same powers that subscribed themselves to the transhumanist agenda of totalitarian control – what they proffer is not nourishment (life promoting). Avoid them.

If you ingest meat, keep it to a minimum and only eat what comes from naturally (grass fed) raised animals. Grain-fed beef is not food; it is yet another food-like substance and should not be put into your body. Animals raised in a meat factory carry an extremely heavy energetic imprint. Heavy here equals negative. Ingesting a tortured sentient creation equals torture to yourself embodied.

Avoid ocean fish, as it is highly contaminated with mercury, a metal that has absolutely no place in your body. Mass-farmed fish should not be considered food.

Sweet potatoes bind some nano particles, enabling them to be moved out of the body naturally. Other beneficial root vegetables are jicama and maca. Empower yourself by researching beneficial foods and medicines.

Even if you live in the city, find a spot of earth to plant your bare feet on for at least two minutes each day. Hug a tree, flow gratitude for it. Such acts ground you and re-establish your bio-connection to Mother Earth. She appreciates it on many dimensions.

Deeply appreciate Gaia. Let her know every day in a personal manner that you’re grateful to Her. Bring back the sacred to your Life.

Let your inner artist out. If you’ve never done anything artistic, start by doodling, filling the entire piece of paper, no matter whether it’s a wrapper or a letter size. Let your self express with abandon.

Clear your thoughts. Practice at least thrice daily to still your mind. Doesn’t matter where you are, just do it.

Observe all your thoughts. Are they in any way useful (complaining, nagging, bitter, projecting, blaming, circular, trapped)? Stop them and rewrite them with a what you want to experience or find the silence, the space between the words; like a heart beat, hear the moment between beats. Keep up this practice until it becomes a natural part of you.


you are clear in every respect no negative entities, artificial or natural, can be near you unless are looking to heal. If they do come close, be honored that your Light can guide them in their healing.

Become the Light of you Own Being.


Letter One point one: REVEAL

Watch carefully as the web of deceit is woven ever tighter, more desperate. Their last minutes here, as they are finding themselves in the throes of irrelevancy, and are dedicated to taking as many beings as possible with them into what they imagine only as the abyss, even when it isn’t so.

By their fruits you shall know them has never applied more than now, and it applies to you.

Watch carefully your own thoughts and actions. Do you pay close attention to always speaking your truth? Do you twist the truth to save your butt or, perhaps, because it is more convenient or simply because you can? Do you own up to the effect of your causes? Or do you rather blame an outside force?

Watch carefully the words and actions of others, especially in the media. The mainstream media is well versed in reading and telling the fiction from the script in front of them, most not-so-blissfully clueless of what they are doing; even the barely awake are somewhat aware of that fact. But what about the alternative media?

Do you see what is now in plain view?

Do you see how one whistleblower constantly interrupts when having a conversation in a public setting, how one researcher one minute says he is this and the next says he is that, how the prominent founder of a popular website continuously deflects scrutiny by underhandedly finding fault in others, how today’s favorite media prince literally makes every interview about him/herself rather than point out his/her findings?

You get the idea.

This is the parasite at work. Find it. REVEAL it, even if only to yourself. It’s the first step on your road to recovery. It has been working on you to become more susceptible to it, life after life after life. And now is the time to rid yourself of it, to let Earth transform it, transmute it, heal it.

Letter One: REVEAL

Letter One – REVEAL

Here we enter deep into the territory of how the unseen manipulations of a controlling elite or predatory entity was first detected and brought to human attention by a few of the most courageous and open-minded investigators, seekers, mystics  and scientists. They resonate at a vibratory range outside the box.

The Voice of the Ages is heard, and it is the Becoming of a Great Orchestration; you are part of this symphony.

There are other Presences among us, and they are here to help. Some have taken human form and entered into this dimension and body knowing that they were called.

Two qualities that are required for True sight are courage and a clear mind. This is the work of the individual to foster these qualities, a work that is ongoing and constantly being tested, a crucible or alchemy if one stays still and centered.

We Know that most of the human potential is locked into a controlled matrix and sub-realities, and we have stepped out to offer keys.

The cosmic clock of photonic particles of unfolding time is presently unlocking the grid of linear time within our quadrant of the galaxy. All humans, indeed all life forms are affected, not just a chosen few.

We are individuated expressions of one Spirit, and each of us as a sentient identity has a true Essence that can be known, loved, accepted and accessed. During this time the axiom “Know Thyself” is of utmost importance – the door to truth is open.

The Entity that has taken hold of Earth and Her inhabitants shall be revealed and healed. Cosmic Law has been evoked.

The Entity has a distinctive energy signature, and by that shall we know it. It has few actions, and yet because it has invaded our species, “its” works are complex. By “its” fruits shall you know “it”.

We have journeyed into the terrain of this dark entity and its multiple manipulations; we know “it”. There is a purpose in this, and once we discover that, we are more complete in our Knowing.

The First Step is dissolving and the transmutation of “its” presence in your self to step into your Self. This is the enemy within, and one must disassociate from it, disengage its hooks and triggers. “It” is not you. You are an immortal being created in Love and Purpose; you only believe differently. This mind Parasite is activated in an environment of fear… it loses its hold where there is no fear. Walk through fear.

Guides for liberation – be practical, stay simple:

  • Practice the unexpected: Becoming is spontaneity and synchronicity in action. Fluid Universe – we are fluid beings.
  • Thoughts may be foreign, not your own. Immediately stop the track. Remove the thought or delay it to reflect on its origin. A step to reclaiming your Divine sovereignty.
  • Turn off all Smart apparatus and Wi-Fi devices. DO NOT USE Bluetooth.
  • Do not watch television, especially on plasma screens.
  • Spend 51% of your time in nature, the true intelligence and ultimate teacher.
  • Gaze into the distance, reset your own biological clock.
  • Study, study and study – do your own research. Your soul essence knows what it needs, and no one else can find it.
  • Overloaded, confused, experiencing doubt? – Stop and sit. Be prepared to experience discomfort – it is a great teacher.
  • Do not delay. There is no tomorrow.
  • Laugh a lot.

… to be continued – The Transhumanist Agenda decoded.

The Book of Love – Voices from the Void

We must reveal to heal. We have arrived, and the time is now.

Penetrating deep into the mechanisms of a universal miasma that has gained a firm grip on our beloved Earth and her people, this parasitical entity has inoculated itself in all parts of our biology and soul. It is time to act.

We have been preparing throughout real time and in the vastness of space, and we have arrived. We are not alone, and those who accompany us are preparing the way and the bridge for the next expansion of Human consciousness along with the transmutation of the third dimension. Heaven on Earth as our Life is in the stars.

We speak in multiples of voices and languages. Science has merged with Spirit. We will show over the course of these letters the reality of creation, the Creatrix is us.

These writings are for those who have eyes to see and those who listen deep inside, those who know not fear, those who journey into the void, those who bear the fruits of Knowledge. Our guiding force is from our central core, the message is we have reclaimed our sovereign peace and we are the genesis of Love.

We act as homeopathic agents for the Beloved of the Beloved, our Earth, the embodied Mother. We are the antigens to this parasite.

There is an organic progression: as the smoke-like screen of the dark web is torn asunder and as veils of false beliefs drop, the beauty and magnificence of creation reveals.

We have no allegiance to any one other than Love. We are all races and all cultures; we are awake, and we remember. These letters will be our offering. Take what you will and leave what you won’t. We know that truth lies with each individuated Spirit and is our Divine inheritance.

We are here to support and leave guide posts. Join us on a magnificent journey.

The Scribes are Here

For the heart of the Mother we wish to speak. All our relatives surround us. The elite force that runs through all life is speaking through us, and this voice is for all.

The energy of our body reflects in all things, as we inform you. You are us, and we are you.

As you awaken to this larger truth, so will the forces of this energy body like wise awaken to be of assistance.

The embodiment of Love is the Book of Love.